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In the beginning . . . . . January 1978

In January 1978, 2 interested members, who saw the great need for a Church of Christ in the Canyon Lake area, signed on to work toward establishing a church.  The first service was held in the Civic Center in the Canyon Lake Hills subdivision and 36 new members began the congregation on that day, February 5, 1978. 

In 1973, seeing that a congregation at Canyon Lake would someday be needed,  the New Braunfels church of Christ had purchased land in the Startzville area.  In 1978, when that need was realized, the New Braunfels church donated the approximately two acres on which the building now sits.    Donations of furnishings and other needed items were donated by individuals and by the San Marcos church. 


By March of that year, over $10,000 had been raised for a building and by October, the dream became a reality.   The church grew and prospered and by 1992, a loan taken out for the building had been paid in full. 


By 1984, a bus ministry had begun and in 1985 it was thriving.   Other projects and outreaches over the years helped the congregation to grow.  

Today  . . . .

Since those early days, many things have changed, but we remain the friendly congregation who strives to proclaim the message of the church built by Jesus Christ.   For more about who we are, visit our Beliefs page


Pulpit Ministers

Through the Years


Al Frakes, Sr.               1978  -  1982


Gordon Lindley            1982  -  1988


Tom Martin                   1988  -  1989  


Roy Palmer                   1989  - 1990


Robert Sweeten            1990  -  1992


Carl Dye                        1992  -  1997


Cecil Haffelfinger           1997  -  2010


John Hollingsworth        2006   -  2011


Charles Boren                2011  -  2016


Joseph McWhorter        2016  -  2020

Brennan Hooper            2021 - Present

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