We are in the midst of a very difficult time for our nation and our world. The leadership of the
Canyon Lake church of Christ is taking the risk, as well as the executive order from Governor Abbott, very seriously at this time. We have made a decision that
will apply for at least the next two weeks: March 20-April 8. The following points are what we
have decided:
* Our normal worship and class schedule through the week is cancelled for the time being. 
* Because some would feel uncomfortable with not meeting together on Sunday, we are
extending the opportunity to meet in small groups through the day on Sunday. This DOES NOT
mean that if you are in a high risk situation that you will be safer in a small group. You should
still make a wise decision based on your individual health situation. 
* In accordance with the executive order, we will have no meetings of a group consisting of
more than 10 people. 
* No on site Bible classes, Ladies classes, youth activities, or "extra activities" will happen at the
* VERY IMPORTANT: If you would like to participate in one of these small group meetings,
you MUST notify me by phone call or text-message if you plan to participate. If we have a
group of ten and you show up in addition to that group, we will be forced to turn you away
until our next meeting time. In order for us to adequately prepare for this, we need everyone to
communicate clearly about their intentions. 
* When we do have our members come together in small groups, we will participate in "social
distancing". We will be sitting 6 feet apart, except those of a group who have traveled together.
We will not be shaking hands or hugging. Please understand, it is not virtuous to break the rules
for the sake of our brotherly love. You can express your love from a safe distance. 
* In addition to this, I will be posting a LIVE worship stream including a bible lesson, prayer,
and song at 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon on the Church Facebook page. It will stay up after that
if you are unable to watch it live. I will also live stream a Bible class on Facebook each
Wednesday night at 7:00 for those who would like to watch. You will also be able to ask and
answer questions in that format. I realize that everyone does not use Facebook and I am sorry for
that inconvenience. We are doing the best we can with our resources. 
* For those concerned about the Lord's supper and giving: If you will be staying home and would
like supplies to conduct the Lords supper at home, please contact me. If you are staying home,
please lay by your contribution in store at home until it is safe to return to our assembly. 
If you have any concerns or questions, or if you would like to participate in our modified
small group worship, contact me by a phone call or text-message at (205) 405-7810. 
I love you all, 
Joseph T. McWhorter

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